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成就世界级企业, 终身为了教育





        打造可持续发展并受人尊敬的世界级企业是我们永不泯灭的理想,“ 契约精神、利益分享、人文关怀 ” 是同景的核心价值观,把 “ 改变世界,报效国家,造福人类,创造优越生活,终身为了教育 ” 作为我们永恒的追求!


To Accomplish a World-Class Enterprise and Devote a Lifetime to Education

        Overcoming numerous challenges, Verakin has been working persistently toward its goals during all these years, and Verakin has now repositioned itself from a real estate enterprise anchored on real estate development, into a comprehensive business group, which focuses on real estate investment, development and operations as its cornerstone, high-tech investment and operations as its strategy and education as means to give back to the sectors.

        Currently, real estate investment, development and operations are still the major ways of capital accumulation and the major source of cash flows and profits for Verakin. The capital accumulation provides means for Verakin to invest large sums of capital into high-tech and education.

        High-tech investment and operations is the strategic business of Verakin Group as well as the company’s future. Verakin has been investing in high-tech sectors for the past 10 years, and thus far, Verakin has invested in 45high-tech enterprises. Our strategy and mission in high-tech area is: to focus on the investment opportunities in two geographic areas (Silicon Valley and Boston), explore thoroughly and make good use of resources offered by four renowned universities (Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley), incubate and develop world-class enterprises (Top 500 of the World) through investment, and thus change the world together and benefit the mankind.

        The prosperity and rejuvenation of the society cannot be achieved without the strength of science and technology. The key to advance science and technology lies in the development of talents, which boils down to education. The purpose of Verakin’s investment and management in education is not for profit, but for cultivating outstanding talents. We are obliged with the great responsibility of social rejuvenation and prosperity, thus we must forever devote ourselves to education.

        To build a sustainable and respectable world-class enterprise is our everlasting goal. “Spirit of contract, benefit sharing and humanistic concern”is the core value of Verakin. “To help change the world, serve the country, benefit the mankind, create a superior life and devote a lifetime to education” is our eternal pursuit.

        I firmly believe that, as long as we have high aspirations, keep exceeding ourselves, be persistent, down to earth and strive for excellence, the vessel of Verakin will definitely reach the shore of victory.

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